Deflationspolitik von Brüning - Weltwirtschaftskrise

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    Wirtschaftskrise 1929, Versailles und der Vorlauf:
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    Ferguson/Temin, Made in Germany: The German currency crisis of July 1931 (WP 2001).
    Made in Germany: The German Currency Crisis of July, 1931 by Thomas Ferguson, Peter Temin :: SSRN

    Broeck/James, Germany in the Interbellum: Camouflaging Sovereign Debt, in: Debt and entanglements between the wars / Edit: Era Dabla-Norris, S. 205-240, 2019

    Papadia/Schioppa: Foreign Debt and Secondary Markets: Lessons from Interwar Germany (LSE 2014 WP)

    Finanzkrise 1931:
    Temin, Peter. The German crisis of 1931: evidence and tradition. Cliometrica 2008: S. 5-17.
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